Over the past few weeks, Creative Cloud Evangelist Jason Levine has been our instructor in Premiere Pro. He introduced us to the program and helped readers learn how to better optimize their editing workflows. Then he dug even deeper to let users get the most out of the NLE. 

There's so much excellent info to digest, and we're breaking down a few key points to remember! 

Mastering Collaboration: Camera to Cloud

Premiere has continued to make drastic changes over the years, and as Jason points out, Adobe always has its consumer in mind.

One of the most significant changes they've made is thecamera-to-cloud, or C2C, feature. So let's discuss what that even means! 

In simple terms, it removes the need for physical transferables in the shooting/editing world. How many drives have you shipped out to editors? Assets? Imagine you could just eliminate that part of the process!

Files are so large today that it can be challenging to transfer virtually without wasting time with UPS and FedEx. Thankfully, Premiere has added new features to make the average shooter/editor's life a whole lot easier. 

Are you ready to change to a cloud-first workflow? Follow along with Jason and the team above as they teach you everything you need to know about this improved data transferring method!

Now for the more creative stuff! 

Sound mixing is such an exciting part of the editing process and a great way to add depth to your project. If done correctly, it can also help your project seem more professional. 

Premiere has some incredibly powerful mixing tools that Jason is showing us how to use. He breaks down basic effects types, how to add clarity to dialogue tracks, and how to add ambient sound to recreate space.

A big thing to pay attention to throughout this video is the essential sound panel and organization. As editors, we can start to get messy and lazy as we burn out, but it's super important to keep your labels and files sorted correctly. Especially when you're dealing with tons of different tracks and audio clips.

Follow along with Jason on this one and make your project sound awesome!

Mastering Multi-Cam Editing

Do you shoot with more than one camera? How about more than two? If so, this lesson is a must-watch. 

Multi-cam setups are very popular in today's media world. As an editor, the sheer amount of footage and timelines can start to drive you crazy. Not to worry, though...

Jason and a few guests show you how to set up your Premiere project in a way that'll have you editing multi-camera shows in no time! 

The Essentials: Sound Design

In this lesson, Jason showcases Adobe Audition and the best ways to use it, along with Premiere, for getting your project to sound just right. 

Why step into another program? As amazing as Premiere Pro is, it does have its workflow limitations. Adobe Audition provides a much more visceral audio editing workflow with real-time dynamic linking back to your Premiere Pro timeline. 

It's smart to hop into Audition because of its catered display and toolset. Jason also gives us the best ways to export between each program, and it's simpler than you may think. 

This is definitely a program that you should throw into your daily editing workflow!

The Masterclasses Continue...

The NFS + Adobe Premiere Pro Livestream Masterclasses continue next week on Friday at 10:30 a.m. PST on the No Film School YouTube Channel. If you miss a livestream, we’ll have recordings up on our site and YouTube channel.

Leave your questions and comments below, and catch you on the next livestream!