Launched way back in 2007, Indy Mogul one of the original filmmaking channels of what is now thought of as "early Youtube." Founded by Erik Beck and Justin Johnson, the show eventually made its way to Google, a company that cancelled it in 2013. By that time it had launched multiple filmmaking careers, including that of the founders Erik Beck and Justin Johnson, and later hosts including Griffin Hammon and Grace Randolph.

The memory never faded away, however, and the show is now back with Ted Sim at the helm.

Determined to relaunch the show in style, Ted set off on a cross country (and Canada) tour with videographer Minh Bui to visit working filmmakers in their native environments for interviews and tutorials about some of their favorite workflow techniques. They kicked off with Griffin Hammond, who previously hosted a full show with Indy Mogul, and was obviously a great place to start. Full Disclosure: they also met with me at Feirstein where I talked about my deep and abiding passion for shooting car work with live projection instead of compositing it in post.

In addition to their filmmaker interviews, Indy Mogul is also launching a new show, "cheap thing vs. expensive thing," starting with a $50 drone versus the Mavic 2 Pro. Now, to some, the Mavic 2 Pro is a cheap drone compared to the Inspire or the Matrice, but it still runs nearly $2,000, and that is a lot more than $50. Frankly, we love any testing series that sets out to see just how little you can spend and still make cool images, so we hope this continues with a wide spectrum of gear.

Whether you were an original fan or are just hearing about Indy Mogul for the first time, it's worth checking out a few videos over at their Youtube page here.