As creatives, we can't help but care about the quality of the image we're transmitting to the world. Even if it's just a Zoom production meeting, as a filmmaker, I feel a personal obligation to make sure you can hear me clearly and that my image is well-lit and well-framed. It's part of demonstrating competence in what we do. While there are some amazing setups out there with high-end mirrorless cameras, most don't have active subject tracking built in.

Insta360, best known for its 360° cameras, has decided to crack the webcam space with the Insta360 Link. It also has a ton of features that filmmakers will appreciate.

The Insta360 Link

What makes the Link webcam interesting? It's got a built-in stabilizer, which allows for subject tracking. This isn't a huge deal when you are sitting at your desk, but let's say you've got a demonstration set built in your office, and you want to walk the team through some camera movements.

The Link will track you over to the set for you to do the demo, then right back to your desk. If you've got a diagram on that desk (or are doing a tutorial), there's even a "top-down view" to shoot down at your desk to show what you are working on.

Insta360 LinkCredit: Insta360

The Insta360 Link pumps out full 4K HDR, although results may vary depending on your internet and streaming platform. There's also a 9x16 portrait mode, as well as a privacy feature that turns the camera down to avoid hacking.

It gets even more useful for filmmakers with Whiteboard Mode. With a hand gesture, you can trigger the Link to zoom in on your whiteboard for full-screen sharing with your audience. If you are doing a pitch and have your plot laid out in cards or have storyboarded a sequence, this is a tremendously useful feature for the whole pre-production process.

Insta360 LinkCredit: Insta360

Market Leaders Fall Flat

The fascinating thing here is that this innovative approach to the webcam wasn't done by the market leader, but by Insta360. Logitech should have been trying to innovate in the space, but even two years into the pandemic, its top-of-the-line offerings aren't that revolutionary.

On another note, Insta360 isn't a stabilizer company. DJI is. But while DJI goes upmarket with the 4D (which we love), it's interesting to see Insta360 go to the mass market with the Link.

Insta360 Link UHD 4K AI Webcam

New Release!
  • Up to UHD 4K at 30 fps
  • Autofocus and Exposure
  • AI Tracking and Controls
  • 3-Axis Gimbal, 4x Zoom
  • 1/2" Image Sensor
  • Dual Microphones with Noise Cancellation
  • USB Type-C Port
  • Built-In Clip, 1/4"-20 Thread
Camera Only

Remember, they started as a company with a very expensive 360° multi-camera ball. But their expertise in AI and object tracking and stitching seem like a good fit for this, and we're excited to see this in the field and use it for future prep or pitch meetings, especially when a bit more than just a typical webcam is required.

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