I am not a huge tech person, but new iPhones always excite me. They bring so many opportunities for budding filmmakers to have a camera in their pocket. One that shoots in 4K, has a decent mic, and can allow you to follow your dreams. We've all seen everything from commercials to movies shot on iPhones, so you know there's power. But where is the iPhone 12 going? 

Rumor has it, Apple is expected to announce four new iPhone models at an event in mid-September, which has been pushed back thanks corona

So what can filmmakers expect?  

Apple is expected to release two cheaper iPhone 12 models at 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches, and two iPhone 12 Pro models with 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screens. If these rumors are true, the 5.4-inch phone would be the smallest iPhone since the iPhone SE was released in 2016 and the 6.7-inch model would be Apple's largest ever. All four models are expected to have OLED this year with the non-pro models receiving cheaper displays.

What are the filmmaking options? 

The Pro models are expected to offer a triple-camera system, compared to dual cameras on the smaller iPhone 12 models. There's also rumored 120Hz refresh rate ProMotion display. That's pretty slick. 

According to Apple Insider, "Apple will likely introduce the next-generation of A-series chips, the A14. No leaks have occurred for this particular component, but Apple is well known for its year-over-year gains in graphics and processing power in its proprietary chipsets. TSMC supplies some of the current A-series processors for Apple using a 7-nanometer process. The company announced a new 6-nanometer process is ready for mass-production as of April 2019, and the 5-nanometer process was in a pre-production phase. That means Apple could likely use the 5-nanometer process in its next processors."

The company is also said to be preparing to launch the long-rumored Apple-branded over-ear headphones this fall, along with a smaller HomePod speaker. This should put them in direct competition with Google and Amazon, but nothing is yet confirmed. 

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