Let The Lumiere Brothers Take you to Paris... in 1890

Let The Lumiere Brothers Take You to Paris... in 1890
Perfectly restored with an added soundtrack, you can now experience the Paris of the 1890s as the filmmaking pioneers themselves did. 

Open Culture recently posted about this footage from Auguste and Louis Lumiere, two of the first filmmakers who ever existed. You may know the two brothers for their film school classics Arrival of a Train and A Trip to the Moon

This footage shows the Paris they knew. 

Because it was motion corrected, and restored, it gives us a very clear glimpse into the famous locations at that time, over 100 years ago. The city of lights has served as an inspiration for creatives for a lot longer than that.

Check out the guide to the video on the Open Culture post.     

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"A Trip to the Moon" was Georges Méliès, not the Lumieres.

December 17, 2018 at 6:53PM


As Joe just said, the lumière's brother's didn't make "a trip to the moon" and they are not the pioneers of filmmaking at all, just the creators of the first ever functioning motion picture device. They wanted to use it as a scientific tool to study movement, they didn't like the idea of using it for artistic and entertainment purposes and refused to provide one to George Méliès , the actual pioneer of filmaking as we know it.
You should do a little bit of research before posting...

December 18, 2018 at 8:51AM, Edited December 18, 8:51AM