Swiss-based professional colorist David Greco has come up with a handy way for colorists to take notes from clients. Aptly named the Colorist Companion, the niche notepad is designed for colorists, no matter if you're a beginner or pro, to easily write down key information in various fields to later reference. 

The notepad has 50 removable high-quality pages to take notes on. It includes sections for the project name, client, deadline, budget, render type, file formats, and a section to jot down ideas for looks and moods, among other fields. 

While essentially a detailed notebook for colorists, it's great to have everything available in one place. Similar to the often used Composition Notebooks by screenwriters, the Colorist Companion makes it easy to look back on previous projects as a catalog of your work. 

If you're over in Europe, Greco is offering free shipping to Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and almost every European Union country. Outside of that, there might be some customs costs attached to the $26 price point. 

You can find out more about the notebook over on the product support page