When it comes to creating a film or competing in March Madness, it may seem like these two activities have very little in common. One involves the art of storytelling, while the other is a highly competitive sporting event. However, filmmaking and March Madness share some striking similarities.

In this article, we'll explore five things that these two seemingly disparate activities have in common. From teamwork and competition to creativity and drama, you might be surprised to discover just how much they have in common.

Whether you're a filmmaker, a sports fan, or simply someone who enjoys learning about different areas of interest, read on to discover the unexpected connections between filmmaking and March Madness.

Let's shoot some hoops. 

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What Are 5 Things Filmmaking Has in Common With March Madness? 

Here are five things that filmmaking has in common with our favorite time in basketball, March Madness:

  1. Preparation: Both filmmaking and March Madness require extensive preparation to be successful. In filmmaking, the pre-production phase involves planning the script, casting actors, scouting locations, and preparing the crew and equipment. Similarly, in March Madness, coaches and players spend months preparing for the tournament, studying opponents, and practicing game strategies.

  2. Teamwork: Both activities require collaboration and teamwork. In filmmaking, a large crew with different specialties such as cinematography, sound design, and production design must work together to create a cohesive final product. Similarly, in March Madness, a team of players, coaches, and support staff must work together to achieve their goals.

  3. Competition: Both activities involve a high level of competition. In filmmaking, filmmakers compete for funding, distribution deals, and critical acclaim. In March Madness, teams compete against each other for a chance to advance to the next round and ultimately win the tournament.

  4. Creativity: Both activities require creativity and innovation. In filmmaking, directors and writers must come up with new and interesting ways to tell a story and engage the audience. In March Madness, coaches and players must be creative in their game strategies and adapt to changing situations on the court.

  5. Drama: Both activities can be full of drama and unexpected twists and turns. In filmmaking, a good story often involves unexpected plot twists and character arcs. Similarly, in March Madness, underdog teams can surprise everyone by defeating higher-ranked teams, and buzzer-beaters can change the outcome of a game.

What does filmmaking and March Madness have in common?'Love & Basketball'Credit: New Line Cinema

Summing Up 5 Things Filmmaking Has in Common With March Madness

While filmmaking and March Madness may seem like two completely different worlds, they share some fascinating similarities. Both require preparation, teamwork, and a high level of competition. Additionally, creativity and drama play a significant role in both activities, making them exciting and captivating for audiences.

By exploring these five commonalities, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the skills, dedication, and hard work that go into making a successful film or participating in a competitive sports event like March Madness.

Whether you're a filmmaker, a sports enthusiast, or simply interested in learning more about the connections between different areas of interest, there is much to appreciate and enjoy in both filmmaking and March Madness.

It's all about conquering your bracket by doing your best.