If anyone on this planet is a natural-born cinematographer, it might just be Chris Menges. His earthiness and pragmatism combined with his uncanny, innate sensibility for the moving image are what make his films special: Kes, The Killing Fields, and The Mission, to name just a few. If you haven’t seen them, then trust us that they are among the most beautiful movies ever made.

Menges has seen a lot of adventure; he's been all over the world, and he has stories. 

In this wide-ranging discussion, we talk about the photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson's influence on Menges' work and the importance of "walking the streets." From his early days in documentary to his later work with directors like Neil Jordan, Stephen Frears, Stephen Daldry, and Sean Penn, Menges is a true master of observation... and he's picked up a couple of Oscars along the way.

Pay your respects and listen to the man speak!

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