The Big Short and Vice are some of the most informational and entertaining movies made in recent years. Though they tackle politics and banking, they somehow find a way to be relatable and actually fun to watch. 

But no one is having any fun right now. Many in Hollywood are out of work and waiting on paychecks. Some are leaving forever, never to return. 

The coronavirus pandemic has made living and working in Los Angeles hard. 

I was pretty sure the people on the ground here were not interested in reading about corona, but if the idea comes from Adam McKay, maybe I'm wrong.

Deadline reports that HBO and McKay are developing an adaptation of journalist Brenan Borrell’s “The First Shot” book proposal on the subject. The book is about the worldwide coronavirus vaccine race. It explores the companies and individuals putting everything on the line to save lives, the science that drives them, and the challenges playing out around politics, access, and safety on a global scale. 

They're still calling it “Untitled Vaccine Project” and it seems like they're still looking for an ending to the series because we don't seem to have a mass-produced vaccine yet. 

I cannot imagine the appetite for this kind of content, but McKay has a way of bringing facts and entertainment to the screen. I am so starved for content I guess I'd watch it. 

McKay is busy bringing us a lot of fun shows. He's the Succession executive producer, working on a limited series about Jeffrey Epstein, a drama about the Los Angeles Lakers for Showtime, and working on The Uninhabitable Earth climate change anthology series. Oh, and he is working with Bong Joon Ho to adapt the Oscar-winning Parasite film into a TV series. 

Only time will tell if this show is good and welcomed. 

Let us know if you're excited to watch in the comments. 

Source: Deadline

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