Almost every filmmaker or cinephile can name their favorite split diopter shot. Directors and cinematographers, from Orson Welles and Gregg Toland to Alan J. Pakula and Gordon Willis, have been using these filters for practical in-camera effects for decadeseven indie filmmakers and videographers get in on the action.

But the cumbersome design and prohibitively expensive price tag of these filters often keep them out of the hands of creatives with smaller budgets.

That's where the CinePacks Split Filter comes in. 

The CinePacks Split Filter is the original handheld split diopter filter that allows you to get double focus effects, lens distortions, reflections, and creative blur effects all in-camera.

The Split Filter has lots of interesting features, including varying strengths for a variety of focal lengths, as well as a sleek, lightweight design that allows you to use it handheld or hands-free.


Filter Strengths

Regardless of the effect you're trying to capture, CinePacks has designed the Split Filter in 3 different strengths so you can capture it.

  • Split 1: Offers a subtle blur for those using longer lenses
  • Split 2: Very versatile, offers the popular ghost blur effect, and works with most focal lengths
  • Split 3: Best for bold, highly stylized, heavily distorted looks

If you're using these for a double focus effect, the 3 strengths would give you varying distances of close focus.

Lightweight Handle

This is part of what makes the Split Filter so unique and valuable to filmmakers. This filter was designed with a lightweight, aluminum handle that is comfortable to hold and easy to move around, making getting the look you want so much easier. No more fumbling with heavy, clunky mounts. Just hold it in front of your lens and you're good to go!


Go Hands-Free

But what if you don't want to hold the Split Filter throughout your shoot? Well, you don't have to. CinePacks also designed the handle with a 1/4 -20" threaded mounting point on the bottom so you can mount it to virtually anything. Pair that with the company's 11" mounting arm and you're good to go hands-free.

Buying Options

CinePacks offers a few buying options for the Split Filter.

If you're interested in getting yourself a Split Filter, you might want to act now. You can save $48 on the Triple Split Filter Kit right now. Head on over to CinePacks to learn more.

Source: CinePacks