What are some tips and tricks you use to write features and pilots? There are lots of ideas floating around the internet that get people excited to sit in the chair and crank out their magnum opus. But not every idea is built the same. Not everyone is worthy. 

I cruise around looking for these ideas because I am always trying to shake up my routine and challenge myself. Recently, I ran into this idea of "Method Writing," and I wanted to share it with you today. 

So check out this video from Film Courage, and let's talk after.  

What the Hell is Method Writing? 

Okay, so I watched the video, and now I'll take you through the definition I gleaned. 

Method Writing Definition

Method writing describes the process of telling a story by getting in touch with your emotions, empathizing with your characters, and accessing your truest self. If you are fake on the page, the audience can tell. If you're being authentic, this shows that you're sharing something important with them. 

It's a derivative of method acting, which runs on the same principles. 

Does Method Writing Work?

If something works for you, it makes me happy. Writing is hard, and getting motivated can be tough. If method writing is your jam, I salute you. 

I read the definition, I watched the video. But doesn't this all just sound like regular writing? I think we all know that you're supposed to be true with the audience and empathize with the characters. I think the real "method writing" would be interviewing people in similar circumstances to the characters and going out in the world to see what their individual experiences would be. Then try to bring realism to your stories. 

But that's just my takeaway. 

I think the best part of this advice is to make sure you're sharing some part of yourself with the audience. You're not just entertaining them with words and visuals, you're also sharing naked emotions and feelings that pull them into the story. 

What do you have to share about yourself on every page? This is not an overt or measurable thing, it's a feeling people get when they read you, akin to your voice. 

These aren't easy definitions or things you can read a blog and learn. They require writing a lot until you hone your skills and your voice and pop off the page. So stop reading, and go out there and attack your story. 

There are no rules to writing or methods that make you better, it's just about sharing with the world as much as you can, and entertaining all the same. 

I can't wait to see what you come up with when you're finished. 

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Source: Film Courage