The Batman Returnsalum Michael Keaton is gearing up to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming DC film, The Flash. This film will be Keaton’s first time wearing the Batsuit since his reign as the Caped Crusader. 

When asked by Variety why he decided to join the DCU, Keaton simply said that it “seemed like fun” to be part of the superhero franchise again.

“I was curious what it would be like after this many years. Not so much me doing it—obviously, some of that—but I was just curious about it, weirdly, socially,” Keaton said. 

Keaton later revealed in the interview that he has never finished watching a Marvel or DC film, even though he has prominent roles in both cinematic universes.

“I know people don’t believe this, that I’ve never seen an entire version of any of those movies—any Marvel movie, any other. And I don’t say that I don’t watch that because I’m highbrow—trust me, it’s not that,” Keaton said. 

The_flash_film_concept_art'The Flash' initial concept artCredit: Warner Bros./DC Comics Entertainment

While we might roll our eyes and think this is another person in Hollywood complaining about superhero movies’ impact on filmmaking or movie-watching culture, Keaton’s reasons for not watching are very simple.

“It’s just that there [are] very little things I watch. I start watching something, and think it is great and I watch three episodes, but I have other shit to do!”

Keaton’s latest remarks double down on what he told the Hollywood Reporter in 2021, saying that he hadn’t watched an “entire” superhero movie after his first Batman film with Tim Burton. “I just never got around to it,” Keaton said. “So you’re talking to a guy who wasn’t in the zeitgeist of that whole world.” 

Does being outside of the zeitgeist give Keaton an advantage in the world of superhero films

Keaton takes his work very seriously and is intrigued by the possibility of returning to the gothic superhero that he helped shape in the public imagination.

Inspired by screenwriter Christina Hodson and director Andrés Muschietti’s visions, Keaton is ready to suit up and rise to the challenge. Despite how ingrained the superhero film is in our culture and the many conflicting feelings everyone has about the genre, Keaton has respect for it.

“This is a big deal in the world to people. You’ve got to honor that and be respectful of that.”  

The superhero genre is a giant that has changed the landscape of filmmaking, and we respect those who worked to bring these films to the screen. It’s a dream for many filmmakers and actors to work on these massive blockbusters, so the least we can do is celebrate their hard work and find some level of respect for those who enjoy the films. 

Despite all of the issues surrounding The Flash release, we are interested in seeing Keaton return to the role and how he reintroduces his Batman to a new generation of movie-watchers. 

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Source: Variety