A few weeks ago, Film Crux turned me onto CapCut, an app you can use to edit video. I wrote about some useful techniques you can use on the app.

Now, they have a desktop version, and I watched this video that shows even more things it can do.

I'm not an editor, so I have a lot of trouble learning new programs. But This one was fairly easy to understand, and after I watched the video, I was able to play with some advanced editing ideas on my own.

So check out the video and let's talk below.

13 Mindblowing Video Editing Tricks (with CapCut on Desktop)www.youtube.com

In the video, you learn how to play with the following stuff:

  • Skin Tone Adjustment
  • Slow Motion on Any Clip
  • Auto Reframe
  • 70s Retro Look
  • Body Augmentation
  • Stabilize Footage
  • Trippy Surrealism
  • Video Upscaling
  • Handheld Simulation
  • Remove Video Flicker
  • Retro Film Look
  • Brand Kit
  • Digital Makeup
As I said above, the step by step directions were actually really easy for me to use and to follow. I'm not totally sure what more advanced editors will think of the program, but I would love to know. Again, for the little stuff I do at home, it seemed intuitive and easy.
Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.

Source: Film Crux