I'm not a professional video editor, but I have been making little videos for a podcast I'm working on. And I have to say, I have been really digging CapCut.

It's a nifty tool that makes creating videos for social to or sharing pretty easy. And there are lots of intuitive shortcuts in the app as well.

If you want to try it, check out this video from our friends at Film Crux.

They detail 13 intuitive video editing tips from CapCut.

13 Mindblowing Video Editing Tips (with CapCut on Desktop?)www.youtube.com

Some of the coolest things in the video are the built in Skin Tone Protection feature.

Once the clip is activated you can play with the color grade to preserving your skin tones. Or get weird with it.

They also have one-click noise reduction.

Film Crux told me, "If you have noisy, grainy footage for any reason (especially because you shot your clips in bad lighting, you can use the one-click noise reduction feature to easily remove a lot of the noise for you. Just turn it on, and as a bonus, you can turn on the Image Enhancement feature to improve image quality even more."

Another tool that I really dug was the faux doll-zoom. Go full Spielberg on Amity island with a digital recreation of this effect.

You can take any clip smoothly moving away from your subject, and then going to the beginning of that clip and adding a keyframe to 'Scale’.

Then go to the end of the clip, and increase the scale until your subject is the same size in the frame as it was at the beginning of the clip. This will automatically create a new keyframe for you.

You can also do the exact same thing in reverse.

There are almost a dozen more step-by-step tips and instructions for you to view in the video and on the Film Crux website.

So check it out and let me know what you think.