Movo is a brand of affordable videography, audio, and photography accessories with the content creator in mind.

We were first introduced to the company through its wireless audio kits, which for the price point, perform fairly well. It has now announced a lineup of universal smartphone lenses that are compatible with iPhone and Android devices. 

TheMovo SPL Smartphone Lens Series has three focal lengths to choose from: a fisheye (238-degree field of view), a 3x telephoto zoom, and an 18mm wide-angle lens. Each one is designed as a high-quality clip-on lens that easily attaches to the camera of your smartphone without needing any additional hardware. It is worth knowing the SPL lens does not cover the entire camera array of smartphones with multiple cameras. You will need to adjust the device based on the smartphone camera you intend to shoot with. 

Movo_spl_2Credit: Movo

The design allows the SPL lenses to be versatile in the field as you don't need a specific phone model to use them. This is a nice perk especially if you run into an issue like a dead battery or the storage being full. You can simply use another phone from someone in the group and keep shooting. 

The SPL series are very inexpensive too, each with a price point of $39.95. 

  • SPL-FE Super Fisheye Lens: $39.95
  • SPL-TELE Telephoto Lens: $39.95
  • SPL-WA Wide Angle Lens: $39.95

Besides the smartphone lenses, Movo has also introduced a new tripod, the MV-T5 Full-Size Aluminum Video Tripod for $49.95 and the MC2000 Wireless USB Boundary Conferencing Microphone System for $249.95.

The wireless microphone is a low-profile 2.4GHz desktop mic that comes with a receiver and can pick up 360-degree sound in a 32-foot (10-meter) radius. 

You can learn more by visiting the website or picking one up off the company's Amazon page