If you’ve ever needed high-quality, pre-cleared music for your short film, digital content, or YouTube video, Musicbed has been a go-to choice. With a curated roster of over 900 independent artists and composers, the platform is dedicated to providing high-quality music that adds emotional depth and impact to visual content.

So where does a leading music licensing platform go when it’s already given so much to creatives? How about an outlet to connect those working in the industry with those that want to learn from them?

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A Podcast To Share Experience

In order to provide valuable insights and advice to creatives, Musicbed has launched a biweekly podcast featuring in-depth conversations with various guests from the film industry. 

Hosted by director Christian Schultz, industry-leading directors, cinematographers, and producers will share personal and professional stories along with the effect creativity has on their lives. This exciting new resource should be an invaluable asset for anyone looking to evolve as a creative in the film industry. 

Musicbed's Podcast Natalie KingstonCredit: Musicbed

For the debut episode, Musicbed is joined by cinematographer Natalie Kingston, who has shot for brands like Adidas, Duluth Trading Company, and Mass Mutual. Her work has been chosen as Official Selection at The Tribeca Film Festival, Raindance, and SXSW. Kingston’s biggest project yet? Capturing the acclaimed Apple TV+ crime drama, Black Bird.

To have the insight from such a professional, especially if you’re going into commercial or narrative cinematography, truly is invaluable. Here's an excerpt from Episode 001, where Kingston talks about her experience:

This is what makes Musicbed's podcast stand out from the crowd—its focus on storytelling.

Each guest not only has a fascinating tale to share but also practical advice on how to overcome obstacles within the industry. Whether it's about their personal journey climbing the ladder or the creative process behind a particular project, these stories provide unique insights and valuable lessons that are sure to inspire and educate.

The First Episodes

The first few episodes of the podcast boast an impressive lineup of guests, including director Eliot Rausch, filmmaker Calmatic, director and VFX veteran Rob Legato, director Young Replicant, writer and editor Andrew Morrow, filmmaker Rayka Zehtabchi, and of course, cinematographer Natalie Kingston. But these are just some of the first guests, with so many fresh and talented creatives still to be announced.

With topics ranging from overcoming imposter syndrome to the importance of collaboration in the creative process, there is something to learn for everyone. For example, in Episode 002, film director Eliot Rausch speaks on his work and how he confronted his anxiety as a creative

Hearing these creatives speak about their experiences is an opportunity to learn from their practical knowledge and advice. Most importantly, we get to hear about the hard lessons that led to that advice. In Episode 003, Jared Malik Royal discussed the value of staying present in an age of distractions. In a where doom scrolling through Instagram and TikTok feeds is common practice, how do you find time (or the discipline) to create?

With its focus on storytelling and insider knowledge, the Musicbed Podcast provides inspiration that can help you take your tackle your own obstacles and projects.

Listen Now

Musicbed's podcast is available now via Spotify and Apple Podcast. You can also watch the interviews on YouTube. The first three are available on the Musicbed blog. Or you can start with Episode 001 right now:

With its insider knowledge, inspiring stories, and community-building potential, this exciting new resource will become an essential part of any creative toolbox. So tune in, listen up, and prepare to discover things about the film industry you've always wanted to know.