After a few long and difficult years, NAB is finally back and in person. That’s both scary and exciting at the same time. For those brave enough to weather the heat of Vegas, there’s a lot to explore and discover.

And is hoping to steal the show.

As NAB 2022 prepares to open its doors, has announced several new partnerships, new apps, and massive updates to a range of products across the entire spectrum of production. 

It seems the theme of NAB 2022 has been set, and it’s all leading us into the cloud. Partners with Everybody

No, seriously. will now offer Camera to Cloud (or C2C) to a myriad of product categories. This includes Atomos, Teradek, Canon, FiLMic Pro, Viviana Cloud, and FDX FilmDataBox.

There’s also new native integration with FilmLight’s Baselight color grading system and a new app for Apple TV 4K that provides Enterprise customers with a simplified executive viewing platform in a bigger, higher-quality format. 

While the pandemic seems to have physically separated us for several years, is now offering solutions to bring your creative endeavors back together—over the cloud.

Teradek Serv 4K on PanavisionTeradek Serv 4K on PanavisionCredit:

Teradek Connectivity

While Teradek has its own surprise in store for NAB, will be offering third-party integration with the recently announced Teradek Serv 4K. 

This adds the ability to automatically send low-bandwidth, timecode-accurate 10-bit 4K HEVC proxies of original camera files from leading digital cinema cameras instantly to

We’ll explore the Teradek Serv 4K more in-depth later today. 

A New Partner in Atomos

Atomos has been one of two leading figures in monitor/recorder technology, fighting a competitive battle with Blackmagic Design and its Video Assist series of products. 

But now is partnering with Atomos to bring pro video, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras to the Camera to Cloud workflow. The C2C workflow provided by can now be utilized with practically any camera when paired with the recently announced Atomos Connect and Shogun Connect.   

With these products, the power of immediate cloud collaboration is immediately available for indie filmmakers on a budget, wedding and event videographers, corporate and music video production companies, documentarians, and run-and-gun news teams. with Atomos Shogun ConnectShogun ConnectCredit: for the Smartphone 

And the collaborations continue! is now adding FiLMiC Pro to the list of C2C-connected apps. While smartphones are built on quickly sharing media from point to point, the consumer systems aren’t hardy enough for production workflows.

As filmmakers use iPhones and Android phones more and more for their projects, gives a whole new level of accessibility to cloud-based collaboration. with Filmic ProFilmic ProCredit:

But Wait, There’s More

FDX FilmDataBox and Viviana Cloud are solid solutions for DIT and audio workflows. But now they have 

The FDX FilmData Box is a standalone device that allows DITs to plug in a camera card or hard drive to automatically offload, back up, and transcode while they take a break. The native camera files can be transcoded to H.264, DNxHD, AVC-Intra, or ProRes files and then uploaded to directly into its Fixed Folder structure for editing or viewing.

FDX FilmDataBoxFDX FilmDataBoxCredit:

For audio, the partnership with Viviana Cloud extends the Camera to Cloud workflow to sound recorders that are not WiFi enabled.

The WiFi-capable Viviana Cloud Box will be able to upload audio files to from any sound recorder that uses an SD card, giving new life to aging gear that still has life in it.

In addition to all of these Camera to Cloud partnerships, is also announcing an integration with FilmLight’s Baselight, one of the top color-correction systems.

Viviana Cloud BoxViviana Cloud BoxCredit:

This requires no extra extensions or plugins and allows users to upload rendered timelines with marker comments to

Finally, Canon is also getting the love. With a new firmware update for the Canon EOS C300 Mark III and EOS C500 Mark II digital cinema cameras, these cameras become Camera to Cloud (C2C) compatible devices. Now with a little Wi-Fi, 5G, or LTE, all the footage you shot ends up on for easy use.

FilmLight\u2019s BaselightFilmLight’s BaselightCredit:

Things Ahead at NAB 2022

With all of these announcements, you’d think NAB is already over, but we’re just getting started. 

The days ahead are going to be filled with new gear, new software, and loads of cinematic-ready toys for us to play with. 

Stay tuned with No Film School for all of your NAB 2022 coverage!


No Film School's complete coverage of NAB 2022 is brought to you by Blackmagic Design, Atomos, and Creative Solutions (makers of Teradek, Wooden Camera, and SmallHD).


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