Whether you're on set and need to see picture as crystal clear as possible or in your editing bay trying to color match a shot that's driving you mad, you need a good monitor for picture. Luckily Flanders Scientific is around to help.

Flanders Scientific dropped by NAB 2024 this year to show off their color critical reference monitors, specifically the XMP310 complete with true UHD and volumetric auto calibration.

Check out our video from NAB on more from Flanders Scientific.

NAB 2024: What's New at Flanders Scientific

In our interview conducted by Cinematography for Actors we get a close look at the powerful monitors Flanders Scientific is putting on the market using all the latest in color technology to get a picture perfect look for any shoot.

Check out the vid for a more in depth look at their new XMP310 monitors and let us know what you think in the comments.

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