David Lynch rumors are like the severed ear from Blue Velvet: they surely signify something is brewing behind the scenes, but we can't quite place it yet. The big rumor circulating right now is whether or not we'll be seeing new work from the iconic director.

During a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Lynch teased some ideas for the future. While he would not give any specific details away, he said, “There might be things coming along that would mean less time could be spent on the [YouTube] channel.”

I know that's vague, but that's Lynch! 

We haven't seen any features or TV shows from him since Twin Peaks: The Return. We had a Netflix short last year, which I thought might be indicative of a new movie or show, but so far, we have nothing. 

Lynch’s longtime producer Sabrina S. Sutherland was also part of the interview. She mentioned getting a diverse crew together for Lynch's next venture...so that seems to confirm there is something on the way. 

Aside from all that, Lynch talked about what inspired him and what guides him, like Transcendental Meditation, “Peace—real peace—is not just the absence of war, but the absence of negativity. In real peace, all diversity is appreciated fully. It’s called the ‘Unified Field’ by physicists. It brings everything together. You still have all the differences, but they’re appreciated by everyone.”

Sutherland seemed to agree, “In this world today, we need to slow down, take our time. And David appreciates time.” 

Hopefully, all these things lead to something cool from Lynch in the near future. 

Until then, I'll be digging the David Lynch Weather report, a daily YouTube series where he chats about something weird or what he's working on. 

You know, the Lynch stuff that we all know and love. 

What's a project you'd love to see Lynch tackle? 

I hope he returns to the suburbs of the weird very soon.