Working with other filmmakers on a project is always a challenge, what with all of the communicating back and forth, asking for thoughts on different ideas, requesting changes, or deciding on different iterations of projects.

That's why was a long-awaited godsend four years ago when it launched, because so many filmmakers, whether they worked on features, shorts, commercials, or music videos, were in need of a powerful yet simple tool that allowed them to communicate and collaborate with their team.

In case you've never heard of, here's a quick video that will get you up to speed.

This week, has announced a major overhaul of its platform. The company has unveiled 10 new features that will make working on creative projects on its platform a whole lot easier, especially with the introduction of multi-page PDFs, which will allow users to collaborate on scripts and storyboards just like they currently do with video.

Here's a quick breakdown of all of the new goodies included in's latest update:

  • Multi-Page PDFs:  Perhaps the biggest improvement to the platform is the introduction of multi-page PDFs, which gives users the ability to collaborate on scripts and storyboards. That means your entire video workflow can live right inside
  • Enhanced Version Management: Want to reorder and remove versions from a stack? The update gives you more control over how you manage versions.
  • Private Comments:  Internal team conversations can be separated from client conversations within the same project.
  • @mentions: Now you can tag people on your team with an @mention, which will immediately send them a notification.
  • Reel Player: If you want to present your deliverables, the Reel Player allows you to drop all assets into a filmstrip format for easy viewing.
  • Archival Storage (Beta): Need a little more account storage? The update allows you to archive old projects, while still providing all of the tools and features, like commenting, comparing, and sharing.
  • Updated Review Pages (Beta):  Review pages have been overhauled to include a simpler interface for clients that doesn't require a login.
  • Redesigned iPhone App: The mobile app now comes with a cleaner and improved interface.
  • Short Links:  Share URLs will now use an shortlink, so forget about sending your clients those long, unattractive URLs.
  • Account Switching: Got multiple accounts? The update makes it super simple to switch between them.

We've rolled out hundreds of updates along the way, but today, we’re excited to release 10 features that we've been dying to ship since day one,” - Emery Wells, Co-Founder and CEO of

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