For filmmakers and video professionals alike, Vimeo has long been a home base of sorts for compiling all your latest and greatest projects. With a focus on playback quality and creative communities, it’s definitely been one of the best platforms for posting, sharing, and watching some of the best content out there. 

And for many of us, our Vimeo profiles have served as our de-facto personal websites which can easily showcase our sizzle reels, cinematic shorts, and corporate and commercial video samples. Speaking personally, if a client or friend ever asks to see my work, I just send them the link to my Vimeo page.

Dutifully recognizing this, last year Vimeo launched a marketplace that not only allows businesses to easily find and hire creatives but also allows creatives to get hired and paid for their work. As it's now grown to over 100K creatives on the platform, this new profile page overhaul appears to be the next phase in a new vision for how film and video professionals can find work.

And thankfully, not a moment too soon as COVID lockdowns and production delays have undoubtedly left many in the industry scrambling to get their profiles in order to help find work and new projects.

The New Vimeo User Profile Experience

The big highlights for the new user profiles are all about customizability and making it easier for users to provide all the info they’ll need to help businesses find them, check out their work, and ultimately hire them for new projects.

Vimeo's Marketplaces VP Derick Rhodes says, "I think of Vimeo as the go-to professional platform for all things video and the new profile experience gives creators full control to put their best foot forward. It's all therefrom putting videos into customizable sections, to listing their clients, to showing off vertical and square formats."

The new tagline is pretty on the nose too. “Think: your creative portfolio meets your LinkedIn profile.” Although I’d probably say it’s a bit better than that as LinkedIn is pretty much turning into a Facebook social feed these days. I’d definitely prefer to showcase my work on Vimeo and within its creative communities as the brand has been able to maintain a very authentic and supportive environment for filmmakers and industry professionals alike.

So, What’s New?

With the new user profile experience, you’ll be able to fully re-organize your pages to pretty much any layout that you’d like. For those working outside of strictly horizontal video, they have social-friendly options as well. You’ll also be able to add more information for things like your hiring info, hourly/day rates, and all the contact details you’ll want to make sure are front and center to make it easier for businesses interested in hiring you.

Here’s a full list of the updates:

  • For the first time ever, users can organize videos with an easy drag-and-drop interface into customizable sections and label videos by categories. Tags at the top of the profile are clickable, and will sort the video grid accordingly.
  • Users now have the ability to add important hiring info, like the hourly/day rate (in all Vimeo-supported currencies) and a list of clients, brands, and collaborators they’ve worked with on previous projects. 
  • Contact details like website, social handles, email, and pronouns are kept in one spot, front and center.
  • Vertical and square formats are now supported in the profile page grid. We heard this was an increasingly important feature as more client work is being done for social video. 
  • Users also have the ability to easily share a Vimeo profile across social channels. Viewers can share, too. (They share profiles via social to highlight a creative pro or flag as a potential collaborator.)
  • The entire profile experience is now on one page (vs four), and all of the updating takes place on that same page. 

Overall, this should be another major filmmaker-focused improvement for a brand that has really adapted well towards new technologies and industry needs with Live Streaming, Vimeo Stock, and its own quick and easy social video maker Vimeo Create.

Check out the new user profile experience and let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Vimeo