Nikon has set shipping dates for the NIKKOR Z 14-24mm F2.8 S and the NIKKOR Z 50mm F1.2 S, two lenses compatible with its full-frame Z series mirrorless cameras that include the Z7, Z6, and recently announced Z5. 

The S-Line from Nikon is growing fast with 12 different lenses to choose from. The NIKKOR Z 14-24mm F2.8 S is a wide angle lens that features many of the characteristics Nikon shooters have grown accustomed to. A stepping motor for autofocus, internal focusing, multiple anti-reflective coatings, fluorine coatings for weather resistance, and manual-priority auto mode, among others. 

Nikkor_12-24mm_1Credit: Nikon

Optically, the 14-24mm F2.8 S is designed around 16 elements in 11 groups with 4 ED glass and 3 aspherical lens elements. It has a minimum focusing distance of about 11-inches and an angle of view of 114° - 84° in FX format (36 x 24mm). It drops down to 90° - 61° when shooting with a DX sensor (24 x 16mm).

In terms of aperture, you can stop down all the way to F22, while its 9 blade design will produce 18-point sun stars. The lens is also lightweight, clocking in at 650g (1lb 7oz). When comparing its weight to the Sigma 14-24mm DG DN F2.8, it's slightly lighter. About 175 grams lighter. But since Sigma only comes in Sony E mount or L mount, it's not a true apples-to-apples comparison as the weight could be the difference in the mount. 

The NIKKOR Z 14-24mm F2.8 S is quite higher in price ($2396) when compared to the Sigma ($1399). Throw in a Techart TZE01 Sony E to Z adapter for $249 and you're still well under the Nikon price. We'll just have to wait and see the image quality. Expect the lens to ship this November. 

Nikkor_50mmf1Credit: Nikon

Nikon also introduced a new prime lens, a very fast Z 50mm F1.2 S lens. If you're thinking, "Doesn't Nikon already offer a 50mm," you'd be correct. The Z 50mm F1.8 S. This slightly faster lens improves low light capability while still offering tack sharp images. You might recall Fujifilm doing something similar with its XF 50mm F1.0 R WR for its X-Series cameras. 

Like the Fujinon lens, the NIKKOR sees a complete body redesign. It's a little longer, a little heavier, but packs a better punch in terms of image quality. Similar to the Z 14-24mm F2.8 S, the lens features a customizable control ring, an L-Fn shortcut button, and an EL display panel on the barrel. There's also a button to quickly switch the lens from manual to autofocus. Video shooters will benefit from quiet control rings which offer smooth operation for focus and aperture. Shooters will also see improved weather-resistant coatings and better anti-reflective coatings over the 50mm F1.8 S. 

Optically, the 50mm F1.2 S has 17 elements in 15 groups that include 2 ED glass and 3 aspherical lens elements. It has a 9-blade aperture design and a minimum focusing distance of about 18 inches (0.45m). The angle of view for FX format is 47°. For filters, the lens has a 82mm front filter thread. 

The 50mm F1.2 S is priced at $2096 and will ship in December.