The Hollywood Reporter has hot details about Christopher Nolan's split from Warner Brothers. We know the filmmaker was unhappy with the day-and-date move AT&T made with its 2021 releases, but what did he want to guarantee for his new film? 

According to rumors, he wanted total creative control along with at least a 100-day theatrical window, a $100 million budget, an equal marketing spend, 20 percent of first-dollar gross, and an additional blackout period where the studio would not release another movie for three weeks before and after the feature.

That's a whole lot! 

Studio heads went to hear Nolan's pitch at his home in the Hollywood Hills. There, he outlined his demands. Of course, studios took this seriously. This is seen as a chance to build a relationship with a director whose name is a brand unto itself, and who has delivered some of the biggest box office successes of the 21st century. 

From what we've heard, Apple, Sony, and Universal were all strong contenders. But Apple could not promise the window Nolan wanted, and Universal won the day by just agreeing to what the director wanted.

Sony was in it until the very end. The studio might be positioning itself for when other filmmakers hear they were so willing to play ball. They could use some more auteurs aside from Tarantino working with them. 

Nolan's new movie is about J. Robert Oppenheimer and the atomic bomb. The plan is to begin shooting in 2022. We'll keep you updated as more develops.