Matt Reeves' The Batman is a dark, brooding crime thriller that is the height of serious comic book cinema. Adam West's 1960s TV show and movie are the height of silly, goofy Batman. He had shark-repellant, carried around a big bomb, and had one of the slickest Batmobiles. But West's Batman was for kids.

That's why I loved seeing how the Corridor Crew people used CGI to drop him into the newest adult version of the movie.

Check out this video from Corridor Crew

The way they did this was to extract layers of the footage in the trailer. They found footage of the Batman of old they thought was an approximate match for the scene. Then used Aputure lighting and After Effects to alter that Batman footage to match The Batman. Then they used VFX tools to cut the older Batman out of the footage and drop him into the newer version. 

For things like the Batmobile chase, they actually bought a $5 3D model and then used After Effects to reshape the model and spruce up the aesthetics. Then they dropped that into the movie over the old batmobile. They used motion effects to make it look like it was driving and to match the color scheme for the original. 

It's really amazing how much they did. 

And here's the finished product from Corridor

Did you love the trailer as much as I do? Let me know in the comments. 

Source: Corridor Crew