The Hollywood you used to know has changed, and I don't think it's coming back. Now, studios are owned by big corporations, all focused on making money over art. There used to be a balance between art and commerce, but that's gone. 

Everything is a nostalgia bomb based on old ideas being rehashed, or intellectual property adapted from books, magazines, video games, and/or sequels. 

So what will the next huge movie studio need to set itself apart in the industry? 

I think we're seeing the need for a new studio that does something nobody does anymore. One that can start small and grow into something much larger. There's a real hole in the marketplace. I think it could be filled by a studio that has enough money to greenlight a handful of original ideas every year. 

That's right, what if we had a movie studio that was solely focused on producing original content for people? 

Let's examine it as a possibility. 

Six shirtless male models'Triangle of Sadness'Credit: SF Studios

The Next Huge Movie Studio Will Do This Better Than Anyone Else...

They'll make original films. 

I want an entire motion picture house devoted to producing original ideas better than anyone else. They should be able to develop internally. Something that no one is really doing anymore. 

What does that mean? 

Basically, back in the day, studios used to take chances on spec scripts, working them out with writers. They wanted ideas that they could help develop into something the market wanted. 

This type of focus on original ideas brought us some of the greatest movies of all time. 

Focusing on creating original and compelling stories that resonate with audiences. People love to see stories that are fresh and unique, so try to think outside the box and take risks.

It can also help you develop a strong network of talent, including writers, directors, actors, and producers. Building relationships with people who share your vision and are passionate about their work can lead to long-term success. Along with these original ideas, you can create a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. Encourage and empower employees from a variety of backgrounds to bring their unique perspectives to the table. This can lead to more diverse and interesting stories being told on screen.

But would this idea really work? 

Decision_to_leave_1'Decision to Leave'Credit: CJ Entertainment

Can a Studio That Only Runs on Original Ideas Exist? 

Yes, it is possible to build a movie studio that solely focuses on original ideas. In fact, there are already several movie studios that prioritize original content over adaptations and remakes. 

You just need someone with deep pockets to start the company, and you need someone with a vision to run it. 

There are lots of scripts out there that can make wonderful films, you just need the mechanism to develop, make, and release them. As always, you would start by making a handful of movies per year. It's better to produce a few exceptional films than to churn out a lot of mediocre ones. A quality film will generate positive word-of-mouth, build your reputation, and help you stand out in a crowded market.

You'll need to also develop a strong creative team. A movie studio that focuses on original ideas needs a strong creative team that can generate new and innovative ideas for movies and TV shows. This team should include writers, directors, producers, and other industry professionals with experience and expertise in creating original content.

I think a place like this would be so exciting for directors and writers. They would have so much freedom you'd be able to get top-tier people to work with them. 

Margot Robbie as Nellie LaRoy in a red dress at a party.'Babylon'Credit: Paramount Pictures

It doesn't have to stop with the movies, either. You could lend originality to marketing. 

There's an opportunity to emphasize originality in your marketing and branding: To build a loyal fan base and differentiate your studio from others, you should emphasize your focus on original content in your marketing and branding. This can include highlighting the unique stories and characters in your movies and TV shows, as well as promoting your studio as a place where artists can create their most original and innovative work.

Building a movie studio that solely focuses on original ideas requires a strong creative team, adequate funding, strong relationships with talent agencies and distributors, and a strong emphasis on originality in your marketing and branding. If done successfully, such a studio can create a unique identity and generate significant long-term success. 

I hope this happens in the future.

Let me know what you think in the comments.