Social media was set ablaze this weekend with fun gifs and grabs from the breakout feature film hit Palm Springs. This was a unique and hilarious comedy capitalizing on the Groundhog Day twist with emotional and effective fervor. 

This is a movie that was released at the right time. Even in a crowded weekend with The Old Guard and Greyhound, it's a light genre that delivers laughs in a dark time. People everywhere appreciated the daring story and wild twists and turns. 

Now, Hulu wants to show off its big success. 

According to IndieWire, "The film also generated the highest amount of social interest for any Hulu original film to date over its premiere weekend, and was the most discussed Hulu original film on Twitter over its first three days."

Hulu is quietly making a splash in the streaming game. They have the rights to Bong Joon-ho's Parasite, which crushed it at the Academy Awards, and now Palm Springs is pretty much the hit of the summer, if not the year. 

Surprise, surprise, Hulu is controlled by Disney, who has been in a conundrum as of late, deciding what to do with the more adult content it acquired in its Fox takeover.

We've seen F-words censored in Hamilton and a butt covered by long, flowing hair in Splash. Perhaps the answer for Disney is not to sink content they don't think is appropriate for Disney+ but instead, they can pour it onto Hulu. That would include the Alien franchise, X-Men, Deadpool, and even classics that have more sex and violence than Disney wants. 

Otherwise, it seems like we are going to get gaps in content and lost history. 

One thing about streaming that made me hopeful is that companies seemed to be opening their back catalogs to make titles available that were previously hard to find. We need to make sure that kind of progress continues so that voices and stories are not silenced forever. 

What are some Fox titles you hope come to Hulu? What was your favorite part of Palm Springs? Let us know in the comments.