On the heels of Panasonic announcing the new LUMIX S5 full-frame mirrorless camera, the company says it's developing new firmware for the S1H, S1R, and S1 to improve the autofocus functionality while adding 5K video to the S1R. 

It's not a mystery that one of the weak points of Panasonic cameras is autofocus. It's just not on par with Nikon, Sony, or even Canon. The company looks to change this with an upgraded autofocus system that will better detect movement and, in addition, better track the eye, face, and body in real-time. 

Once available, Panasonic says the new technology will track the body and head separately in real-time providing better focusing on subjects. The camera will keep track of the subject even if the person is moving quickly in and out of frame. Other improvements in the DFD technology will enhance AFC, which enables users to keep tracking small or fast-moving objects. This will come in handy for wildlife shooters. 

Additionally, S1R shooters will see the 5K video recording added into the mix.

Expect the firmware to be released by the end of 2020.