The original A Quiet Place made $341 million worldwide and was a massive success. People were incredibly excited for such a high-octane movie, and they were buzzing even more when the sequel was announced. 

But COVID bumped the movie from last year to this year, and it was recently announced that Paramount has cut the film’s exclusive run in theaters in half (from 90 days to only 45 days) and scheduled the release for May 28, meaning that many theaters will not be operating at capacity. 

The movie will then go directly to Paramount+, the company's streaming platform, which they hope will gain more subscribers by housing the film. 

That will no doubt hamper the box office, which will affect everyone who gets paid on the back end. 

Well, star/director John Krasinski and star Emily Blunt are not happy with Paramount. They are set to be paid based on box office receipts, and cutting the movie's release down in theaters is bad news for them. And then putting the project on streaming does not encourage people to go to the box office. 

According to Bloomberg, "Representatives for the couple, along with other producers who have a stake in the movie’s box-office performance, including filmmaker Michael Bay, have asked Paramount for compensation." But the studio is apparently not being very cooperative.

When studios move titles to streamers quickly, there are a lot of consequences. We saw WB have to pay the Wonder Woman team for taking the title to HBO Max, and there have been rumblings that the other movies they shifted really upset filmmakers. 

Obviously, there are new payouts that need to happen or be built into contracts. Paying for A Quiet Place 3 just got more expensive if they want Blunt and Krasinski as part of the package. Why would they sign up if there's not a lot of money upfront? 

And when actors and agents are negotiating with the studio for their next projects, they're going to have to find ways around the back end to make them worthwhile and make sure they get paid. 

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