As promised, Adobe has updated Premiere Rush to include Pan and Zoom, its Ken Burns effect for images, as well as Auto Reframe, a feature that automatically resizes video content in different aspect ratios.

Both features have been part of Premiere Pro for a while, and now the iOS, Android, and desktop version of Premiere Rush receives the same tools. Auto Reframe is an Adobe Sensei-powered feature that automatically reframes clips with the click of a button. Whether a clip was shot on a camera horizontally or on a phone vertically, the program will automatically identify the aspect ratio upon import and then reframe the footage to match the aspect ratio of the project settings, which includes 16x9, 4x5, 9x16, and 1:1.  

AutoreframeFine Auto Reframe under the Effects menu

To apply Auto Reframe, select a clip, and then under the Effects>Motion menu, click Auto Reframe and Premiere Rush will do the work for you. You can also fine-tune the image using the Adjust Frame or the Motion Tracking options. The latter lets you choose between slow, default, and fast options to make sure the movement is smooth across multiple clips. 

Using the effect is pretty effortless, and for the most part, it does an exceptional job finding the center of the frame. However, you may need to manually adjust some clips where the subject may be camera right or left.

Autoreframe_adjustAuto Reframe allows you to adjust the image manually

As for the Pan and Zoom effects, it's fairly straight-forward and only works on photos. After adding images to the timeline, go to the Effects>Motion menu and then click Pan and Zoom. The effect will be automatically applied. There are no options to slow or speed up the effect, but that may change in a future update. 

It would be great if Adobe included the ability to mix aspect ratios with a Premiere Rush project. As of now, timelines in iOS version 1.5.25 force the same aspect ratio to all clips. So if you have 16x9 footage but want to keep 1:1 or 4:5 footage with black bars on either side, you can't. Rush forces the footage to have the selected aspect ratio of the project. 

Premiere Rush for iOSAndroid, and desktop is free and available now.

Source: Adobe