Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez are close friends who have worked together in the past. Both of them had such a unique and special way into Hollywood. They were indie voices that rose above the rest and were able to tackle some of the coolest studio ideas while also representing their perspectives. 

Still, we haven't seen the two directly collaborate since Grindhouse: Death Proof and Planet Terror. Could there be a team-up in the near future? 

Well, during an interview with The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith Podcast, Tarantino came up with the idea of Rodriguez directing a spinoff film covering the Lancer portion of the movie. One where Timothy Olyphant would reprise his role as James Stacy AKA Johnny Madrid Lancer. While he was not specific about it being an episode or movie about Lancer the character versus the actor, Tarantino did seem to love the idea of his friend expanding on the movie. 

Take a listen.

Tarantino said, “I actually imagine when I send Robert Rodriguez Once Upon A Time In Hollywood [the novelization], I think he’s going to read the book and go, ‘Well, what’s going on with Lancer? If you don’t want to do it, I’ll do it!' I could see that being a great Robert Rodriguez movie.”

While Rodriguez is working on his own western right now, The Book of Boba Fett, it remains to be seen if he wants to enter this world again. Especially after Tarantino left such a distinctive mark. But it's nice to know if he wants to, there will be a way in. 

Meanwhile, Tarantino might revisit the world too, wanting to make those Bounty Law episodes we saw teased at the beginning of the film.

He told Goldsmith on the podcast, “I’ve got about five or six episodes written, and well, I’m going to do a few other things, but if I’m going to go back to this story, yet a fourth time, that would be the thing that I could do… It would exactly be like a show from 1958 or ’59, it would be black and white, and it would be a half-hour long. It would be very much in the vein of Wanted Dead or Alive, or Rifleman, it would be done very [much] like that time period.”

We'll see when these two auteurs find time to do all this stuff, but you can bet we'll keep you updated as it all comes. 

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