The Tinashe song "Nasty" has been ubiquitous across social media for a while now, but I only thought about it in terms of Hollywood recently. Mostly because it's been a very slow summer.

In one of the lines of the song, Tinashe bemoans the inability to find someone who "matches her freak."

This is probably great relationship advice. You want someone who you can be your totally true and weirdest self with, if you're going to spend the rest of your life with them.

But what about your Hollywood life?

Well, the same stuff applies.

Let's dive in.

Tinashe - Nasty (Official Video)

Hollywood is known for its eclectic personalities and lifestyles. It's a place where storytellers get together to write, direct, produce, and do every job under the sun for the film and TV business. But the only way you're going to get something greenlit is if you find a team that matches your freak. They have to believe in your talent. They have to believe in your script or project. Your freak and your freaky ideas need to find their match.

Hollywood is not a solo endeavor, if you wanna be a solitary freak... go write books or make TikToks. This is a collaborative business. You need a few other people to get freaky with if we're sticking with this metaphor.

And to even get to that point, you needs reps, be it agent or manger, who also match your freak, and wants you to succeed, to introduce you to the team that makes sure your dreams some alive. In that way, Hollywood is a constant Tinder screen, where you swipe and flirt based on shared attraction, and then continue to conversation from there.

Much like dating, there will be near misses and messy breakups along the way. Very few people meet their soulmates early on. For most of us, we're on a constant journey to find the people we want to work with.

And outside of reps, this may change project to project. The same people who made my coming of age teen dramedy are not making my male stripper thriller.

If things get stale and you can't find anyone who truly matches your freak, maybe it's time to make sure you and your reps are still aligned. Sometimes they don't have a strategy or lose time for you, keep looking to get your freak on.

You switch reps like switching from Tinder to Bumble or Hinge.

And maybe you encounter the same people on both apps, but maybe things have changed, tastes have evolved, maybe they got out of what they thought they wanted and are ready to try you.

Whatever it may be, Hollywood is an endless journey to find your people. And to get nasty with them on the big or small screen.

I hope you find them. And I hope it's everything you ever dreamed possible.

Let me know what you freaks think in the comments.