Did you ever see a movie that you loved, and then log onto Rotten Tomatoes and see that the critics hated it? Sometimes that bums me out, but art is a subjective medium. Still, I wondered—which movies had the biggest divide between what the audiences thought and what critics felt?

Enter Reddit, the best place to get your questions answered. 

This morning, I found a useful infographic that detailed those very terms. 

Check out this image from u/lookatnum

Pcexmsrmwxr61Credit: u/lookatnum

I found this to be very interesting. The disparity between critics and people is always felt to some degree. We often hear the Academy Awards being dominated by titles most people skip at theaters. I liked seeing the metrics. One thing I would point out is that the audience score is an internal metric built by people who log on and rated titles 3.5 stars or higher. That means fanbases can easily change the metrics on a movie by creating accounts and rating one way or the other. 

We actually saw this happen to titles like The Last Jedi in the past. 

Still, it's fun to see the audience enjoy things like a Pirates sequel, which was probably helped a lot by fan culture. I remember hearing mass exits of Tree of Life, which was far more experimental than traditional audiences usually embrace. But critics adored the movie. 

What did you think of this data? What stuck out to you? Let me know in the comments.