The Russo brothers directed your favorite films and televisions shows, and now they want to teach you filmmaking...for free. Since May, the Russos have been hosting an online program titled "Russo Bros. Pizza Film School."

Each week, they assign movies to fans for discussion, with the objective being "to educate and spread some love to favorite classic films, as well as local pizzerias while movie lovers are stuck at home."

I watched a few episodes...and they're so fun! 

So far they've chatted with stars and creators about titles such as The Evil Dead, The Empire Strikes Back, and No Country for Old Men.

In an interview with CNN, Joe Russo said the idea was suggested by his daughter, as he showed the family movies to pass the time during the early stages of staying at home. They discussed "what it was that inspired us about the movie. For us, it was a great opportunity to talk about the filmmaking process," he said, "and make it accessible to young filmmakers who are looking for a way to tell their own stories."

This is really a great benefit for anyone who wants to work in Hollywood. These are industry professionals who know the story, commercial viability, and excitement. 

Anthony summed up the mission in a few words, "For Joe and I, it's very important to find and support voices that we respond strongly to the degree that we are able to, we want to do that for other filmmakers."

What do the filmmakers see as the future of Hollywood?  "The way that audiences can access movies is changing," Anthony Russo said, with digital having "taken on outsized importance" during the pandemic. But they also offered hope, "the theatrical experience will always be there," Anthony Russo said. "It will recover."

Upcoming episodes of Pizza Film School will feature chats with Bob Gale about Back to the Future, Flash Godron with Taiki Waititi, among many other secret topics coming soon. 

So check it out and enjoy!