Ridley Scott's Alien was not only formative for the filmmaker, but also for Hollywood. It blended science fiction and horror and launched a movie series that has never really lived up to the first two installments. Scott returned for Prometheus and Alien: Covenant later, but nothing matches his first entry into the series. It was terrifying, beautiful, and a landmark piece of cinema. 

Now, the FX Network is creating Alien the TV show. And Scott has some thoughts about it. 

During a recent interview with The Independent, Scott said, “It’ll never be as good as the first one. That’s what I’ll say."

This seems like a very fun reestablishment of Scott's hold on the imagination and how we perceive the best bits of the Alien franchise.

Still, there will be some good competition as Noah Hawley, of Fargo fame, works on the series for FX. The same thing was said about Fargo and the original, but Hawley proved for over four seasons that he was up to the challenge of working in the Coen's shadow. 

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