The images we are able to get from our smartphones and mirrorless cameras are becoming truly astounding, but there remains a major obstacle to creating great content on the fly, and that's audio capture.

The built-in microphones on our phones and small consumer cameras remain incredibly limited; after all, manufacturers have to find a way to cut costs somewhere, and consumers don't often compare audio specs the way they do resolution specifications.

A variety of companies have made aftermarket microphones for this space before, but now longtime audio industry powerhouse Sennheiser is entering the fray with its new MKE 200 microphone.

Sennheiser MKE 200 microphoneSennheiser MKE 200 microphone

The key flexibility underlying the design of the MKE 200 is that it comes with cables for both TRS and TRRS. These 2 cable formats are confusing to many since they are both 3.5MM audio cable connectors, but the difference has to do with the number of rings on the connector that allow multiple signals to pass through. TRS is designed to allow stereo, TRRS is designed to allow stereo as well as another channel going the other direction for your microphone, like on your smartphone.

Any microphone designed for tablets and phones needs TRRS, and any mic designed for mirrorless cameras needs a TRS cable. So, the MKE 200 is designed with an interchangeable cable and comes with one of each for whatever setup you want to work in.

Sennheiser MKE 200 microphoneSennheiser MKE 200 microphone

Sennheiser MKE 200 microphoneSennheiser MKE 200 microphone

The MKE 200 microphone is designed with an internal shock mount, which creates a cleaner look and is less likely to snag passing objects than the externally mounted microphones that we often see. The combination of the rigid permanent windscreen, optional windsock (included in the purchase), and the directional capsule are designed to minimize wind noise when shooting outdoors and in less than ideal conditions.

The MKE 200 retails for $120, but you can pre-order it now on Adorama right now for $100. Available now.