We covered how Shelby Oaks broke the Kickstarter funding record, but the numbers keep growing.

The film has now crossed the million-dollar level. That means aside from fans donating cash, studios have come knocking. 

Chris Stuckmann, Shelby Oaks' writer and director, released a new video to the fans in which he said, “It’s so crazy, I don’t know what to say. We can already make the movie in the way we want to. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Two big studios have reached out to read the script. If they take it, it would change everything again.”

The movie is due to begin production in May in Cleveland.

The film's official synopsis is: 

"Shot as a traditional feature, but with some elements of found footage, Shelby Oaks is a horror film about missing paranormal investigators (the paranormal paranoids), the dark legacy they uncovered, and the far-reaching effects their investigation has as Mia searches for her sister Riley, the lead paranormal investigator, 12 years later."

We'll keep you posted as more happens.