Art is a little bit crazy. It can allow us to express every emotion and can be the ultimate form of therapy. Shia LaBeouf is definitely an artist. He's done all sorts of art within and without filmmaking. And now he's branching out to where he's never been before. 


LaBeouf’s latest project is a live-theater experience, and since there are protocols for the coronavirus, it takes place at a drive-in. He hosts around 30 cars per show, and the subject matter is near and dear to us all. It’s about COVID-19 testing protocols and includes actors dressed in full PPE and a full musical number. 

The show is titled 5711 Avalon because that’s the street address of the parking lot that hosts the show. 

While LaBeouf is not actually in the show, he did help direct it. The show is performed by the Slauson Rec Theater Company. To research the story, they conducted interviews with frontline workers and health volunteers. 

A few people have taken to Twitter to talk about the production. 

LaBeouf helped form the Slauson Rec Theater Company with Bobby Soto in 2018. One thing I admire about Shia is his commitment to storytelling and to capturing the zeitgeist, whatever it might be. 

While I doubt this has movie spin-off capabilities, it's great to see artists staying sharp during the shutdown. 

5711 Avalon runs through Nov. 1st. If you're bored and in Los Angeles, you should check it out.