In a recent Tweet, SLR Magic announced that its APO MicroPrime Cine lenses, which are available in Canon EF mount, will also be available in PL mount. 

SLR Magic is a favorite among No Film School and indie shooters because of its inexpensive lens options that run the gamut from prime to anamorphic, covering several sensor sizes and camera mounts. The APO MicroPrime Cine lenses are available in four different focal lengths (25, 32, 50, 85mm) all at fast T2.1 aperture.

The series shares the same optical characteristics throughout each focal length and can easily cover full-frame sensors and image circles up to 46mm. Better yet, the APO MicroPrime Cine lenses can resolve 8K resolution, making them a solid choice for Canon EOS R5 shooters. When it comes to attaching accessories, SLR Magic made sure to uniformly design the lenses with an 82mm filter thread, standard 0.8m gears, and a decent focus throw of 150�°. 

With the addition of PL mount, the manual lenses are a little more cine-friendly while still being able to adapt to several different camera bodies, including Sony E, Canon R, or L-mount found on the Panasonic, Sigma, and Leica cameras. 

Though SLR Magic made the announcement through social media, we cannot find exact pricing or when they will become available. The company's APO HyperPrime Cine lenses are currently available in PL mount, so we're assuming the PL mount price point won't change on the MicroPrime Cine models. 

You can find out more over on the SLR Magic website