When Sound Devices released Scorpio at NAB 2019, it featured 32 track recording and mixing. While having that robust track count available is ideal for complex production workflows that are seen in films like A Star is Born or even on TV series like Modern Family, all that bandwidth comes at a price. $9,000 to be exact.

Sound Devices has now taken everything we love about Scorpio and shrunk it down into an 8-track recorder and mixer called the 833


Tech Specs

  • 6 ultra-low-noise, all-new microphone preamplifiers
  • 8 channels, 6 buses, 12 tracks
  • 6 analog outputs
  • Ultra-accurate timecode
  • 256 GB internal SSD, 2 SD card slots
  • USB-A and C ports for SD-Remote app, linear fader control via MCU, keyboard, and file transfer
  • Dugan Automixing for up to 8 channels

Familiar But New

The 833 is very similar to the 633 but with better hardware, a higher track count, improved routing and slicker options, all while having a nearly identical footprint. The 833 is slightly deeper but slimmer than the 633. The 833 features 6 mic/line inputs, 8 channels, 12 record tracks, 6 analog outputs and timecode. Like the Scorpio, it has the same preamplifier design and they included 2 SD card slots, dual L-Mount for batteries, and an internal 256 GB SSD. Dugan Automixing is also on the 833 supporting up to 8 channels.



Routing & Channels

If you're familiar with the routing on Scorpio, the 833 has the same full I/O matrix and multiple mix buses where each physical input can be routed to any combination of buses, tracks, and outputs. You can also send all channels at different levels to multiple buses as each channel feeds the left and right mix bus post-fader.

The 833 also allows for four additional buses to be fed from any channel...pre or post-fade, or even a customized level. Plus, all 8 channels can be fed from any of the six analog mic or line inputs, AES3 or AES42. And all channels feature trim, delay, polarity, high-pass filters, 3-band EQ, stereo or MS linking and pre- and post-fade limiting. It's a beast. 



The 833 can be powered via DC input on a TA4 connector or two L-Mount batteries. The 833 can also charge the L-mount batteries, which is a very cool option that can be turned off in the menu. 

Price & Availability 

While we're only getting one-quarter of Scorpio's track count, unfortunately, the 833 is only half the price starting at $3,995 USD. It's available now and you can find out more about it here

Source: Sound Devices