This past weekend brought us a full onslaught of hot takes related to the great Steven Spielberg VS Netflix debate of 2019. In the fight to be right, you were either a supporter of Netflix and all the access they provide to smaller, un(der)discovered films, or you were on the side of Spielberg who viewed the streaming service as a threat to the sacredness of the theatrical experience. 

You were encouraged to take sides and stand your ground. You were either team Green Book or team Roma. You were team E.T. or team Red Envelope.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) even weighed in, letting the public know that Netflix's inclusion at the awards ceremony would be discussed and investigated at a future board meeting.

And now Netflix itself has responded to Mr. Spielberg's claims of its threatening motion picture distribution. The company's response can be read in full below: 


So, as these things go, we must ask, whose side are you on? And is it at all possible, to be on both sides of this argument? Netflix appears to think so. Let us known down in the comments below.