IATSE has announced that 5000 members of the grassroots "Stand With Production" group are unionizing. This group includes TV commercial production assistants, assistant production supervisors, production supervisors, line producers as well as bidding producers.

IATSE international president Matthew Loeb said of the group, “From the beginning, the Stand With Production movement has been about finding a way to open a dialogue with the powers that be and codify those solutions into written agreements. That will now become a reality for thousands of workers.“

Now, the Association of Independent Commercial Producers must recognize the "Stand With Production" group as members of IATSE and give them all the benefits required through their union.

This is a huge addition to IATSE, and represents works across TV commercials. They went public last year with their intent to unionize.

To be eligible, you had to have worked on two AICP projects in the last 12 months.

Hollywood is undergoing a summer of labor, with the WGA and SAG strikes.

We will keep you updated as more develops.