Stanley Kubrick is one of the first names you hear when the word "director" is brought up. His career spanned many decades, and the movies he worked on were given his undivided attention. He was obsessive, reclusive, and demanding. 

And if you've ever wanted to learn pretty much everything you could ever want to know about the iconic director, well, there's a movie for that. Originally released back in 2001, Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures is a documentary that spans his life, offering behind the scenes looks at what went into his directing and thought process. As luck would have it, Warner Bros. has made it available to watch for free online, complete with an introduction by ReelBlend podcast hosts Sean O'Connell, Kevin McCarthy, and Jake Hamilton.

Check out the documentary below:

There are some real gems in this thing, from Jack Nicholson talking about the ways Kubrick made him feel satisfied as an actor to looking at the newsreels that helped him understand how to make Dr. Strangelove...including Martin Scorsese's reactions to watching Kubrick movies. 

What about the music in A Clockwork Orangewhat could be behind playing the William Tell Overture five times fast?

Kubrick's work has touched us all, and the step to understanding the themes and ideas he explores are all captured in this doc. 

I can't recommend spending an afternoon with it more. 

What are some of your favorite Kubrick moments and explanations? 

Let us know in the comments. 

Source: Warner Bros. Entertainment