We can all agree that Han shot first. Well, all of us save for George Lucas from the years of 1997 to 2019. 

Star Wars has been a work in progress since the movie debuted in 1977. Lucas famously added more CGI in his 1997 rerelease and changed the story. The scene Lucas continues to tinker with -- Han shooting Greedo in the cantina -- has undergone another small but significant edit with its debut on Disney+ and fans are not having it. 


So, what's changed this time? Greedo gets the last line int he scene. Before getting shot. Uproxx reporter Mike Ryan "broke" the story:

So, it sounds like Greedo yells "MACLUNKEY." Or something? No idea what that means. Or why he has to say it or why Lucas believes it is so important to the narrative of this 42-year-old-classic that he must say it. 

But the next time I fall in my kitchen, I'm totally using it. 

A representative for Disney did not respond to a request for comment as of press time, but the below report indicates that Lucas was indeed behind the change (shocker). He had the tweak made during the film's 4K restoration -- but before the final sale of Lucasfilm to Disney. 


Here's a fun link to all of the scenes playing side by side. 

This obviously opens up a lot of interesting questions moving forward. What else has changed in the 4K restorations? Did Disney allow any changes to other non-Star Wars movies? 

Is Bambi's mom still dead or can we get her back? 

More to come.