The summer of labor in Hollywood has been a consorted effort to get people fair and equitable wages across Hollywood. With the AMPTP not returning to the negotiating table until today, people have been forced out of work for over 100 days.

Now, Todd Holmes, a professor of entertainment industry management at Cal State Northridge, says that the economy in California has taken a three-billion-dollar hit. CNBC says if the strikes last until October, the economic cost might reach $5 billion.

All these estimates are based on the 2007/2008 strike, but that only had writers. Now with SAG-AFTRA on the front lines as well, these figures might be on the lower side of an estimate.

While California leads the way in economic damage, you have to remember movies and TV are shot all over the United States. Places like Atlanta, New Orleans, and New York all have major production hubs that are stuck at a standstill.

And Canada is similar, with Vancouver and Winnipeg, among other cities, waiting for the strikes to end.

With news that the AMPTP is finally back at the negotiation table with the WGA dropping today, hopefully the end is near.

If you've been affected by the strikes, let us know in the comments.