I must admit that over the last 2 weeks, I binged all of The Witcher and The Mandalorian again. These are shows I tried to give my full attention to when they came out but it was awards season and I'm not sure I gave them the credit they deserve. 

While I'm sad we will miss out on the cosplay this summer at Comic-Con, we have the internet to keep us occupied. 

While surfing, I came across these amazing stunt performers who have recreated stunts from both of these shows. The credits identify them as Atlanta Judo Midtown (if you know someone there, reach out so I can properly credit them).

Check out how they handle Mando's style of fighting. 

I love how well they captured the tone of the hand-to-hand combat and the camera moves as well. 

The Witcher had some of the best fight choreography of any TV of all time. Watch these stuntmen level up here.  

They perform using aluminum-foil swords, pretend shields, and cardboard boxes as props.

Both videos were filmed, edited, and directed by Micah Moore. He's a creator and filmmaker whose past work with Riot Games and Autodeck has focused on cosplay and convention content.

So, who actually choreographed these fights? 

Well, according to the credits, it was the stuntmen themselves.