Making a good short film can be tricky, especially one that's good enough to get into a major film festival like Sundance. That's why you should always jump at the chance to learn a thing or two from filmmakers who are not only experienced at making shorts but also getting those shorts into Sundance.

Well, here's your chance.

The Sundance Institute Short Film Session, which was originally scheduled to occur today in San José, has shifted the event completely online due to the coronavirus outbreak. Now, anyone can attend via Sundance Co//ab and participate from the comfort of your own home completely for free.

At the event, you'll spend half the day watching screenings and learning about short filmmaking from directors Bridey Elliott (Clara's Ghost, Affections) and Diffan Sina Norman (Kekasih, Benevolent Ba). You'll also get an idea of how and why festival programmers, like Sundance senior programmer Mike Plante, select the films they do.

These sessions are made possible through the Knight Fellows Project, which aims to give 8 U.S. cities local access to creative education...cities that are outside of Los Angeles and New York City.

The Short Film Session kicks off today at 1 pm PDT and lasts until 6 pm PDT. Head on over to Sundance Co//ab to register!

Source: Sundance Co//ab