No Film School “Alumni” Celebration at the Canon Creative Studio​

Join our party in Park City for all of the filmmakers who didn’t go to film school... but made it to Sundance! No Film School and Canon celebrate the graduates of the “school of the hard knocks," the self-taught filmmakers, and the DIY success stories. While the film schools celebrate their alumni, we celebrate everyone else! Saturday 1/20/24 @ 5pm. RSVP here.

Online Giveaway: Canon EOS R5 C Cinema Camera

No Film School & Canon Sundance 2024 Online Cinema Camera Giveaway

Canon Creative Studio at Sundance Film Festival

Canon is celebrating its 14th consecutive year supporting the Sundance Film Festival, and the Canon Creative Studio at 528 Main Street features panel discussions and the latest Canon products including the brand-new RF 24-105mm F2.8 L IS USM Z lens, a first of its kind. Register here to visit the Canon Creative Studio.

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