Starting in 2021 (thanks, COVID) Sundance started an online block of films where viewers could purchase tickets and attend the fest virtually.

With Sundance back in full swing and no need for virtual screeners, they're still kind enough to continue parse down version of the virtual festival experience, allowing viewers at home to purchase tickets for the last couple days of the fest.

Well, folks, the time has come, and starting today (January 25th) you can start Sundancing in your pajamas, or dance attire, or business clothes, or whatever. You can do so until January 28th. Changing clothes optional.

Tickets start at $25 a film, with some titles unfortunately already sold out. However, there's still lots of good stuff from this year's festival worth your time and money if you don't want to wait years for proper distribution.

So buckle in, Uber Eats yourself your sippy sips and gourmet popcorn (and/or burrito, or whatever) and click here to enjoy.

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