AI is on top of everyone's mind as large language models like ChatGPT and Gemini get better and better. We used to joke a lot about the algorithms that pick what we like and what we need to know, but now those computer programs feel like they're coming for our jobs.

But are they?

The New York Times spoke with Netflix's co-CEO Ted Sarandos about a plethora of topics, but when AI came up, he had a pretty interesting stance.

Sarandos said, “I think that AI is a natural kind of advancement of things that are happening in the creative space today, anyway." He continued, “Volume stages did not displace on-location shooting. Writers, directors, editors will use AI as a tool to do their jobs better and to do things more efficiently and more effectively.”

To me, this is an optimistic outlook. I think the AI as a tool makes the most sense, but I don't think we can totally rely on people promising it should be there way, I think we are going to have to legally define what work needs to be done by humans using these tools, because companies will always prioritize money over humans.

The follow-up to this question to Sarandos was whether or not people would be replaced by AI. He said, “I have more faith in humans than that. I really do. I don’t believe that an AI program is going to write a better screenplay than a great writer, or is going to replace a great performance, or that we won’t be able to tell the difference. AI is not going to take your job. The person who uses AI well might take your job.”

I would encourage everyone working in film and TV to try some of these AI tools that apply to their jobs and learn how to use them, because I do think you want it on your resume that you have an understanding of what they're good at. And just from my own point of view as someone who always has a part-time job in conjunction with my writing, you may find AI makes that job a little easier, so you can focus on your heart's work.

We truly know nothing when it comes to what AI can do in film and TV. There are lots of theories, but I do not believe much has been put into practice yet.

Now is the best time to educate yourself and be ready for whatever comes next.