Auteur Christopher Nolan is celebrated for his great entries into the Batman franchise, his stunning War epic Dunkirk, but also his slew of completely original high concept and high budget features. The kinds of movies that ask conceptual questions, and use the form of filmmaking to explore the answers. 

From memory to dreams, to magic... and now to some version of time travel. 

The latest trailer for Tenet has dropped, and now we know a little bit more about what happens in it. Or has happened. Or will happen. Sigh. Just take a look for yourself. 

Audiences love Christopher Nolan because he loves using the whole canvas to do different kinds of original things. One thing facing him and Tenet in particular? If the theatrical experience will be available to audiences when the movie is slated for release. The release date is July 17, 2020. Given the impact of COVID-19, we aren't any of us sure if this can happen or how. 

But having seen this new trailer... we all sure want it to. On the biggest screen possible. 

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